An Owner’s perspective to repowering with Volvo Penta

At Seamech, we aim to support authorised Volvo Penta dealers and each of their clients with their engine and power requirements.  In doing so, we work hard on the end result however, it is hugely beneficial to pause and view the project from the other side and go back to long before technicians start.

Here are, in his own words, the reflections of the Black Watch Owner who recently repowered with a new Volvo Penta D6-330 and accompanying DPH leg with the assistance of Manly Harbour Marine.  The results of which can be seen here.

“We have owned this boat for 8 years.  When purchased, it had a 300hp petrol engine and knew we would be repowering with a diesel engine at some stage to obtain more horse-power and better fuel economy.

For two years I did my homework and ended up installing another brand’s motor but had a constant battle with break-downs of various sorts – the motor and leg – which were partially covered by warranty.  I found the support very poor and each issue I faced left me disappointed and somewhat bitter towards the engine manufacturer – not to mention also a lot poorer with tow costs, boat lifts and labour charged to fix warranty issues.

After a leg failure at 800 hours, I said enough is enough, dumped the entire package and looked for a product that backed itself.  I couldn’t take any more stress or safety concerns of sudden stoppages due to product failures which occurred despite proper maintenance and servicing.

This is where Volvo Penta answered the call with a 5-year warranty on parts and labour as well as boat lifts to complete the warranty work.  I was impressed by the faith in their product to perform reliably.

More torque from less horsepower

The new motor has a little less horse-power but more torque and is heavier, however performance is far superior.  With less horsepower, I have the same fuel economy of 40 to 45 litres per hour and top speed of 30 knots yet can easily planes without cavitation at 15 knots rather than the previous 18 due to the increased torque.  It makes for a nicer ride and a drier ride in rougher seas.

I found the install process a lot easier this time round.  A quicker turn around meant I was back on the water enjoying the boat again.  Manly Harbour Marine did a great job with the refit offering good advice along the way keeping costs down.

I now also have a user-friendly dash with a Glass cockpit display Volvo Penta offered as part of the package.  It complements my original Garmin 12-inch screen and I can now run a combination of maps and engine data plus have sonar to look for bait and fish on the go.

Great results from a Volvo Penta repower

After 120 hours, I am starting to get my confidence back taking long offshore trips to new fishing grounds again.  Previously this was something I would only do with other boats alongside as getting stuck 30 miles off-shore is very disconcerting and expensive.  My family and I are getting back to enjoying our days on the water again without the sudden sound of “silence” that almost stopped us from boating altogether.”

We wish the Owner and his family very happy and confident boating.

If you are considering repowering you boat, contact our team who can advise the best Volvo Penta for your needs and work with the local dealer to ensure a smooth project.