A guide to Volvo Penta Shop

Genuine Volvo Penta parts

Volvo Penta has one of the largest and most comprehensive online parts purchasing systems on the market.  Open to the public as well as trade clients, Volvo Penta Shop lists every engine, every part in real time.  As a Volvo Penta engine owner, you can access it 24/7 to purchase your parts with the full support of Seamech, the authorised Volvo Penta Centre, and a comprehensive network of dealers.

Here are some pointers to make the most out of using Volvo Penta Shop.

Benefits of utilising this online shop to secure your genuine Volvo Penta parts

Pricing and availability

Anytime of the day or night, you can visit Volvo Penta’s webshop and check the price and availability of any part.  And this isn’t a part sitting somewhere in Sweden but in Seamech’s own warehouse. The system will also give you expected delivery times for parts in stock as well as those which are ordered in for you.

Choice of delivery

Just because you have purchased your parts online, it doesn’t mean they have to be couriered to you.  You can select to collect them from Seamech in Murarrie or from your local dealer – like Click and Collect.   The choice is yours and is made when you complete your transaction.

Purchasing history

Volvo Penta Shop will hold your purchasing history so you can review your previous transactions.  Whether you need to review what you needed previously, place repeat orders or simply find a part number, it is all listed in your own personal history.

Multiple payment methods

There are many ways you can pay for your parts when they are purchased on Webshop.  You can pay with credit online; opt to pay at Seamech or your dealer when you collect the parts; or, for select clients, start an account.

Worldwide warranty

All parts purchased through Webshop are genuine Volvo Penta parts and hold a 12-month factory warranty.  If an authorised dealer fits the parts for you then the warranty is extended to two years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Volvo Penta Shop

How do I find the parts for my engine?

There are basically three ways to find parts for your engine. 

Firstly, you can select your engine by whether it is a marine, industrial, diesel, gasoline (petrol), genset engine or marine drive.  All of these categories can be found on the left-hand side and will return you a comprehensive list of engines and drives.  Simply click on your engine and a full list of parts will appear.

The second option is to use the search bar at the top of the page for Product or Serial Number or an engine model if you know it.  Then you will be returned a full list of associated parts.

Finally, there is a part search function in the top left-hand corner if you know your part number.

Do the parts carry a warranty?

All the parts on this web shop are genuine Volvo Penta parts and carry a 12-month factory warranty which can be extended to two years if fitted by an authorised dealer.  To find your closest authorised dealer, please contact support@seamech.com.au.

2 year warranty when fitted by an authorised dealer

Can I return the parts if they are wrong?

Yes, you can.  You will find the full terms and conditions of the Return Policy here.

Volvo Penta Shop availability icons

How do I know if the part is in stock?

Each part on Volvo Penta Shop will have an icon next to it which will indicate the availability of the part.  Seamech has a large warehouse and most parts – particularly those which are most popular such as impellers, fuel filters etc – will be in stock. 

If the part is no longer produced, you won’t be able to order it.  Whereas, if the part is replaced or superseded, then the system will automatically select the new parts.

What happens when my Volvo Penta part is no longer produced

How do I know the total costs inclusive of freight?

All the parts prices listed are determined by Volvo Penta and the freight is calculated at the check out as will the expected delivery times.

Just remember, all of your activities on Volvo Penta Shop are supported by Seamech here in Brisbane.  We have put together a USER GUIDE perfect for first time users and Volvo Penta have their own more comprehensive guide.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact our Parts Manager, John, on parts@seamech.com.au