Mighty Jobs by Volvo Penta

Having been awarded the Industrial Centre for Volvo Penta, Seamech was privileged to attend a two-day conference on the Gold Coast to learn more about the future of Industrial engines in Australia.  For their part, Volvo Penta flew in sales and technical experts from around the globe to support the Oceania team and network with centres, dealers and VIP clients in Australia.

Attendees received detailed information on product development as well as examples of the broad range of uses of the Volvo Penta industrial engine range including rock crushing machinery, off road, container handling and port operations, mining and the environment, agriculture and irrigation – just to name a few.

The conference was also a perfect opportunity for Volvo Penta to launch the ‘Mighty Jobs’ series into the Australian market.  A dedicated YouTube series, it follows several operators of Volvo Penta industrial engines to showcase the diversity of application and strength in the field.

Volvo Penta is one of the world’s leading engine manufacturers of marine and industrial engines.  Seamech supports Volvo Penta in both the marine and industrial sector in Queensland and Papua New Guinea as the Authorised Centre. Our role is to coordinate dealers, provide technical and training support, drive engine sales, parts warehousing and distribution, and promotion.

The conference was very well received by those attending and we are confident, this newly gained knowledge will assist in further sales and assist in increasing Volvo Penta market share.

To discuss your industrial engine requirements, please contact Seamech on +617 3890 7615 or sales@seamech.com.au.