New Volvo Penta engine and glass cockpit for Mustang 32

Seatech Marine, one of our Gold Coast-based dealers, recently completed a repower of a Mustang 32.  With the old engine in a bad way, they suggested the customer look at installing a new Volvo Penta V8-380CE.

The V8-380CE was chosen along with a new Volvo Penta glass cockpit display which has the benefit of an inbuilt chart plotter with full touch screen functionality along with a host of other features.  The customer is very happy with the installation and new performance with his wife telling him “slow down -it is going too fast now”.

Performance specs

The old engine was a 5.7GXI with DPS-M 1.95 ratio running I2 props.  Slow out of the hole with a 26-knot top speed.

The new engine is a V8-380CE, DPS-B 2.32 ratio with FH4 props.  Top speed of 34 knots at 5900rpm, the boat jumps out of the hole and cruises nicely at any speed.

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There were no major issues with the install.  A jig was fabricated to allow for the tight install of the engine, however once in place everything remains very serviceable.  Overall a great result from the team at Seatech Marine.

For more information, contact Seatech Marine.


The newly installed Volvo Penta V8-380CE with plenty of room for service and maintenance.  The team at Seatech took the rime to renew the engine space and it really paid off.

Volvo Penta marine accessories

The dash was filled and recovered to make way for the 7-inch glass cockpit screen.  These touch screens are packed with features which really complement the new engine.