Volvo Penta Online Service Protocols

Protect your investment and stay ahead with Volvo Penta service protocols

Working with our expert Dealer network not only ensures the safest, most reliable service – but allows the importance of logging data and enabling accessibility of information including Service history, protocols and any campaigns have been carried out.

The service protocol complements the operator’s manual and gives you an overview of the required maintenance points. Online service protocols are stored in our system and can be pulled to show your engine’s service records, which increases the resale value of your vessel.

This ensures piece of mind that your investment and boating pleasure is supported. Only authorized Volvo Penta workshops can keep your equipment details up-to-date and access the specific details and history recorded within the network. This is a very important consideration when it comes time to sell your vessel and will be invaluable records to have for any prospective buyer.

Maximize productivity – minimize the unexpected

Your Volvo Penta dealer will design your engine service according to your specific needs, from regular inspections to comprehensive service and maintenance programs. Our dealers stay up to date with continuous training to ensure that your engine is optimally maintained.

Don’t rely on somebody else and stay in control – One simple question can help you as an owner to protect your asset by ensuring your Volvo Penta products are only worked on by an authorised dealer!