Yacht Series Support

Global Volvo Penta Support for your yacht

Yacht Series Support is unique to the Volvo Penta network.  Available to  owners of a yacht powered by a Volvo Penta IPS 500-600 (in triple or quadruple installations) or an IPS 800–1200 (in twin, triple or quadruple installations), you are eligible for the Volvo Penta Yacht Series Support. There is no charge for this priority service program.

Yacht Series SupportHow it works.

Yacht Series Support is available 24/7 through a direct phone line. Operators who are specially trained to assist Volvo Penta IPS customers will take your call. These operators have access to your yacht’s technical details and will help locate the closest Volvo Penta-trained technician to address the service needs of your Volvo Penta product.  Coverage is specific to the yacht; anyone can call for Yacht Series Support on your behalf, provided your yacht is registered and the caller is ready with your unique PIN code (activated at registration).

This priority service is available to you throughout the coverage period of your Volvo Penta Limited Warranty.  Even if a service need is not covered by the Volvo Penta Limited Warranty, you will receive help to locate qualified technicians to provide you with retail service.

Seamech and Yacht Series Support

Seamech is accredited as a Yacht Series Support technicians and if you are need of this service you should contact the number provided to you on register.  Don’t forget your pin!

If you have a general enquiry about your IPS installation, don’t hesitate to contact our team.