Marine Generators

Seamech supply world leading turnkey marine generators for both marine leisure and marine commercial vessels. As Queensland’s only distributer for both Volvo Penta and Kohler Marine, our experienced team is on hand to discuss your on board power requirements.

Open and enclosed generator sets are available from 5kw through to 500kw with state of the art control systems and accessories.


At Kohler, we believe every generator we make—every weld, wire and circuit—is a testament to our quality. That’s why our latest marine gensets are smaller and quieter with less vibration than ever before. We design and build these machines to exceed certified class society standards. The result: the most advanced, most reliable generators we’ve ever made.

We created the first marine generators with built-in paralleling controllers. Our PGEN connection parallels up to eight KOHLER generators of varying sizes with a single communication wire. When the first generator’s load is light, the second generator automatically drops off. When the load is heavy, the second generator automatically comes online to provide the power needed to carry the load.

Our redesigned sound shield—with separate engine and alternator compartments—and improved air management system significantly reduces sound levels. The quiet is all you hear.

On a pleasure craft, comfort is king, and vibration an unwelcome guest. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure the only thing you feel from your generator is peace of mind. Our proprietary vibration mount cushions the engine as it moves to eliminate vibration. It’s what separates our marine generators from all others.

On commercial craft everybody knows the money stops as soon as your generator does. That’s why for the last 100 years, we’ve built some of the best commercial generators on water. Every weld, wire and circuit is a badge of honor. If our craftsmen have touched it, it is good and true. And if our name is on it, it’s going to work. From handcrafted alternators to hand-built controllers, we take pride in building power systems you can depend on.



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All Volvo Penta marine generator sets – ranging from 62 to 508 kWe – are delivered complete and tested, with reliable diesel engines, well-matched generators and monitoring systems – and are easy to install onboard. They are also ideal for multiple installations in diesel electric and serial hybrid propulsion.

Volvo Penta marine generator sets are type approved by the major classification societies and can be delivered with product certificates. Besides high reliability, a Volvo Penta generator set also provides benefits such as easy service and installation, high serviceability, fuel efficiency and low emission levels.


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